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Start with a clear mission

Engaging mission is to make the world a little happier and a bit more decent. The client’s aim is to help people have happier and more fulfilling lives, including in their work life. The objective of this project was to create a business messenger app that fulfilled Engaging Business’ mission by creating a valuable tool for users.

A research-driven Initiative

With this clear mission statement at the core of the project, Engaging Tech's designers conducted extensive user research. Frequently users complained that, with Whatsapp, email and Slack, it was becoming increasingly difficult for employees to leave work and switch off. This was having a detrimental impact on the quality of people’s lives. There was also a common thread in the research that users felt there was high quantity, low quality workplace communications. Many felt were was no way for them to ask advice or discuss work-related issues in a safe place.



User-centered design solution  

Our research findings dictated the user-centered design solution; a workplace communications app that cuts through the chatter and separates work messages from personal life. Features include a Rest Mode to pause incoming messages, that automatically comes on in the evening and on the weekends. Another specialized feature is the ‘Global Hub’, a place where users can anonymously share work problems or ask advice from the Engaging Business community.

Further feature releases

A competitive analysis and user research showed a further gap in the market for two specific features; 1) a conference calling system allowing users to easily facilitate project groups calls from within a communications app and 2) a way of organising your contacts on a communications app. All these features were successfully designed, developed and released. You can now download the Engaging Works App in iOS and Android to improve your work life communications.