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Six Steps to Workplace Happiness by Mark Price

A mission to improve employee engagement

During Lord Mark Price’s 20 years at John Lewis and Waitrose he observed a clear correlation between employees’ happiness and engagement with an increase in business productivity and revenue. In light of this, Lord Price embarked on an extensive study of workplace engagement resulting in the publishing of his book ‘Six Steps Workplace Happiness’. In this book the statistics show that there is a 20% or better boost to productivity for companies with high engagement.

Branding, UX/UI Design and Delivery

The client’s vision was to create a workplace happiness measuring platform to provide practical recommendations to increase the engagement levels within organisations. Engaging Tech’s team of designers and developers were brought on to realise this vision.

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Bespoke software and an intuitive user experience  

The team worked closely with the client and businesses to create a practical tool for HR departments. Our designers deconstructed the research and practical advice from Lord Price’s book to create a tool that is both intuitive for the user and hugely valuable for the company. Employee happiness is a sensitive topic; Engaging Tech created a data analysis system that ensures employee identity is protected whilst still providing valuable data to companies.

Successful launch and a partner for future projects

Since the launch of Engaging Business global companies such as Coca Cola, Dairy Crest and Virgin Money have signed up and used the happiness measurement tool as part of their employee engagement strategies. The product was featured in The Telegraph in an article on how to improve staff engagement. The Engaging Business product offering has since expanded to include a business messenger service and an advanced happiness analytics tool; designed and developed by Engaging Tech, with many feature releases to come.  

Engaging Business featured in The Telegraph