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A mission to improve workplace happiness

Engaging Works was launched alongside Engaging Business as the consumer-facing happiness survey for individuals. Originally called Engaging Me, the aim of this project was to create a happiness tracking software using the research and practical advice from the book ‘Six Steps to Workplace Happiness’.

How to measure happiness

The design team at Engaging Tech used this research and advice to create two complementary features for Engaging Me. A happiness survey was created using a one to ten measuring system per question. Each question contributes to a score for each of the ‘Six Steps to Workplace Happiness’; reward and recognition, information, empowerment, well-being, instilling pride and job satisfaction. The results are then presented in an easy-to-read dashboard, with practical advice according to the users happiness development areas.

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From strength to strength  

The success of this product led to the client wanting to develop Engaging Me into a holistic tool for workplace happiness. User feedback indicated that features such as a job matcher, mentor finder, career developer, business messenger and an advice sharing tool would all be valuable. Engaging Tech conducted user research to identify the specific needs that users had that Engaging Works could solve with these features. The team then developed and delivered these features designed to give users the practical tools to fulfill their career potential as well as their workplace happiness.

Iterative and incremental development

This expanded product offering led to the rebranding of the original Engaging Me to Engaging Works. The features continue to be improved according to user needs and to fulfil Engaging Works’ mission to help users achieve the most in their working life.


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