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The Foolish king book

From a picture book to reality

The children’s book ‘The Foolish King’ was published in 2016. The book is a fictional story of the game of chess set in a far-away insect kingdom. The story contains a chess game and a tutorial on chess for children.

Creating the insect kingdom

The aim of the app was to enable children and non-chess players to learn to play chess. Engaging Tech worked with the client to deconstruct the book to create the structure of the app. The chess game was designed as the central feature of the app, with helpful hints for children from the characters in the story. A learn and improve feature was designed to encourage beginners onto the platform. The storybook was added into the app, which could be purchased by parents as an in-app purchase.

The Foolish King Book Inside

The Foolish King sketches

Family-friendly fun  

To create a fun and interactive experience, our designers and developers worked with an illustrator to bring the characters of the book to life. The app was then tested with children to ensure it was easily learnable and an enjoyable experience. The app also has a clever parental control login system that triggers a complicated sum for ‘an adult’ to complete if a child under 12 tries to sign up.

Continuous play and learning

Due to the successful launch of the Foolish King app, Engaging Tech developed ‘Leagues’ and ‘Leaderboards’ for the chess games. These games and leagues have continued to be very popular with the users and have been featured in many online publications. Currently the app has been downloaded over 1,500 times and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.  Following this, a web game was also designed and developed by Engaging Tech.

iOS Mobile App

iOS Mobile App

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