Space Explorer

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Space Explorer Lead Image

Robin Mellor Artist

Inspire, educate and enlighten

The Space Explorer team felt inspired by the surroundings of East London and the potential to create an inspiring artistic space. Co-founder Robin Mellor created an instalment in a series called ‘Another Space and Time’. The aim of this instalment was to connect the users with America’s South Western Desert in an effort to inspire, educate and enlighten people around the globe.

Community of Explorers

The app Space Explorer was born out of a collective vision of the Space Explorer team to build a community, thirsty for discovery - to explore thought provoking journeys through alternative communities and cultures in the modern world of East London. Engaging Tech's designers and developers worked together to push the 2D boundaries. The team researched, ideated and tested ideas to bring the Space Explorer app to life; a smartphone app that uses GPS technology to lead the user to pieces of art in East London and immerses them in a 4D soundscape experience.

Space Explorer Art

Space Explorer App

Multi-sensory experience  

How does it work? Once the user is in the GPS zone of the artwork, the app detects the artwork nearby. This triggers additional information about the artwork, interviews with the artist and a bespoke soundtrack that immerses the users in a 4D experience. The information and soundtrack were all curated by the artists in the Space Explorer team.

Industry-wide recognition

The progressive nature of the app and the successful implementation of this multi-sensory, immersive digital experience received industry-wide accolades. The app was featured in prominent tech publications such as Timeout, Wired, Zettler and Creative pool.


Space Explorer featured on the Time Out website